About Me

name: Goke Pelemo
email: [email protected]
url: gokepelemo.com
gender: male
pronouns: he/him
location: Austin, Texas
description: |

Caveat: I intentionally make good jokes that I have found in my life a part of my narrative. If you catch a good one, or not, you can ask me in person.

It is tedious to write about myself, so I am going to play a fictional game called “If I were to describe myself…”

As a flavor, I would be sweet and sour. Like sour gummy bears or Chick-Fil-A‘s freshly squeezed lemonade.

As a meal, I would be the spicy Thai jungle curry with squid or shrimp from Madam Mam’s.

As a piece of chocolate, I would be Richart‘s Madagascar chocolate ganache, or the Lavender ganache. Pretty taesty.

As a bottle of liquor, I would be Buffalo Trace‘s Kentucky straight bourbon.

Quite possibly the best meal that I have had in my life was a Thai dish. At the time, a whole red snapper with the Thai 3-flavor sauce from Thai Tradition in Wichita, Kansas.

As you can tell, I have a fascination for good consumer brands.


Lagos, Nigeria
Wichita, Kansas
Dallas Metro, Texas
Austin, Texas