Hi, how are you?

I’m Goke.

I enjoy simple things. I live by the philosophy that we all are salt of the earth, so whatever persuasion that you choose — and it can be any — live it well and be a good one.

I like traveling, good food, exploring magical experiences, and inspiring awkward laughter. When I’m free, I’m spending time with loved ones, warding off cats, and playing real world dominoes for science. I also speak and write almost entirely in metaphors, so if I’m not clear, ask me questions.

I primarily work for technology companies in customer-facing roles providing technical support, onboarding customers, and helping people use technology better in their personal lives or at work. For the companies, I help to retain their most valuable customers and grow revenue. I also process audio as a service on Timbre.

I’m a Christian, but I fall short every so often. I’m saved by grace.

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