Gathering Momentum for Success [leveraging small wins]

Success requires momentum, momentum is gathered by doing the right things and doing them quick enough. Back to our basic physics, momentum is mass by velocity. When you do the right things and do them on time, you gather confidence in your ability to get to where you are going (mass) and that increases your momentum. As they say, a rolling stone with the right amount of momentum cannot be stopped. You want to be heading in the right direction though, which is a totally different topic, I digress.

The way to gather momentum while you are heading in the right direction is to map out and be aware of the various milestones that define how much progress you are making. For instance, as a leader, defining a measure of success and celebrating small wins gathers momentum for the team and enables the team make even bigger leaps towards the desired outcome.

On a personal note, knowing that for instance, I have a goal of reading a book and writing a summary every couple of weeks, celebrating or rewarding myself for every 25 pages of a book I read is likely going to enable me read the next 25 pages faster and write my summary so I cement the things or experiences I’m learning from, increasing my likelihood for success. Life hack maybe?

The key takeaway is to know and define what success at a particular endeavor means to us, then creating and celebrating those milestones that signify that we are getting close to our desired outcome for it. As a leader, sometimes it is necessary to ‘create’ small wins that define how much closer we are getting to our defined outcomes and leverage them by celebrating and recognizing the team when those wins are achieved. That way, we gather momentum and get to where we are going faster.


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