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On New York in Places - 04-13-2017
Every time I visit New York, I struggle with so many feelings. Feelings of gratitude, to at this point in my life, have the opportunity to visit and enjoy this city almost every 3 months all expense paid by my workplace. That's an amazing thing.
On new year resolutions in Personal, Self Development - 01-01-2017
One of the things I want to do this year is write something of value that I've learned here at least once a month. That's a stretch goal. Why? The last time I wrote here was in May. Prior to that, I had written about once a month, occasionally
On the role of a leader in Leadership, Self Development - 05-05-2016
I learned from Tim Brown and IDEO that a leader's role is not to always have the answer, but to create the conditions for things to happen. Organizations like IDEO, Pixar, and Airbnb aren't assuming a work style just because other systems work
On Teamwork and Winning in Business, Leadership, Self Development - 04-25-2016
[Pocock] suggested that Joe think of a well rowed race as a symphony and himself as just one player in the orchestra. If one fellow in the orchestra was playing out of tune, the whole piece would be ruined. That’s the way it was with rowing. What
Bigger and better in Personal, Self Development - 03-07-2016
Growing up, I had very present and instructive parents. My little brother and I got a lot of "this is how you behave when insert situation here" types of advice from them. It was interesting in public scenarios, and frequent as well. It was all in
Opportunities in Africa - the cart before the horse in Africa, Business, Emerging Markets, Innovation, Technology - 09-21-2015
TL;DR: The cart before the horse refers to solving African problems in the wrong order. For example, Problem - Internet Access: Sponsoring free internet so that Africans have access to Facebook and/or Twitter as a means to communicate. But yes,
On character (secundus) in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 06-14-2015
Character. We can't give what we don't have. We've got to work within because we can't give without. There is always a role for catalysts, but even catalysts have to stand for or 'be' something worthwhile to incite a reaction. Let's go go go, but
On success in Quotes, Self Development - 05-23-2015
Success does not come from having one’s work recognized by others. It is the fruit of the seed that you lovingly planted. When harvest time arrives, you can say to yourself: ‘I succeeded.’ You succeeded in gaining respect for your work because
On character in Leadership, Self Development - 04-25-2015
I have always believed that of all qualities available to a person the most important is integrity. This to me is the beginning of all wisdom; to be true to oneself, to set one's own standard, to rely on one's own conscience. In relation to others
On being black in Africa, Personal, Self Development - 04-24-2015
For me, being black means in a word 'disadvantaged.' The moral and emotional fabric of western civilization is based on the concept that black and inferior are synonymous. There are many reasons for this, but the most important thing is not what the
Appreciate the journey in Personal, Self Development - 02-12-2015
Recently, I have caught myself a few times backtracking and re-imagining how life would be for me if I had made certain decisions differently, or if I had done certain things instead of certain other things. You know, the typical analysis of our
You are responsible for the energy you bring in Managing Yourself, Personal, Quotes, Self Development - 01-20-2015
In the past two weeks, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the happenings of 2014, my objectives going into it, and how much progress I made towards achieving them. I started 2014 with this post, talking very abstractly of the straw man around
[In Progress] Planning an African Festival in Austin, TX in Africa, Emerging Markets, Service Design - 12-12-2014
I'm building a team in Q1 2015 to explore the viability of a large scale African festival in Austin. The focus is to expose the positive and empowering aspects of major African cultures, to influence the African narrative positively on a large
I am. Who are you? in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 12-08-2014
We can't be everything to everyone. We have to decide who we want to be, and then live that reality. The ego says, I need to look good, so I do everything to keep up appearances. I will undermine other people to make myself look and feel better.
On Leadership in Africa, Business, Leadership, Managing Yourself, Personal - 12-08-2014
A piece on leadership, so well articulated by the folks at “Leadership is a sacred trust like priesthood in civilized, humane religions. No one gets into it lightly or unadvisedly because it demands qualities of mind and discipline,
On believing things we do not understand in Other, Self Development - 11-21-2014
People, don't be baited into fighting. I've noticed that a lot of us don't read articles, care little about history, and have but extremely shallow knowledge of the things we believe in or fight for. Let's be cognizant of the fact that all the
Hooking on to the Nigerian twitter firehose in Data, Technology - 11-10-2014
As most people who know me are aware of, I'm originally Nigerian. In fact, I spent the early 19 years of my life in Nigeria, growing and being bred. As I've grown older and embraced my sense of identity more intimately, I've found myself asking a
5 Things You Should Do To Earn That Promotion in Business, Leadership, Managing Yourself, Teams - 09-29-2014
Since I've gone off the road of being an individual contributor on teams to being a business leader, I've found myself getting a lot of requests for advice from my direct reports and other members of the organization who trust me or have good
Ubuntu [a manifesto for making better by being better] in Quotes, Self Development - 08-31-2014
No 'I's or 'US'es. 'WE', this universal bond that ties all of humanity. Good deeds and kindness send positive vibes in the universe that ripple way farther than we can imagine. Little do we know the roles we've had to play in the bigger good
Pay It Forward in Business, Marketing - 08-22-2014
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Theodore Roosevelt Marketing sometimes could be as simple as offering people in need our low margin products and/or services free of charge, with the hope that they'll pay it back when the
Knowledge is power, and what else? in Leadership, Managing Yourself, Personal, Self Development - 08-10-2014
You know, since I’ve taken a very keen interest in reading anything and everything with an open and expectant mind, I have to say, there’s way more to be learnt about the world around us than we know we don’t know. There’s the age long expression
Maya Angelou on Identity in Life Hacks, Managing Yourself, Self Development - 08-09-2014
When people tell you who they are, Maya Angelou famously advised, believe them. Just as importantly, however, when people try to tell you who you are, don’t believe them. You are the only custodian of your own integrity, and the assumptions made by
Bob Dylan on thoughts, being successful and the “Me Decade” in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 08-06-2014
First of all, there’s two kinds of thoughts in your mind: there’s good thoughts and evil thoughts. Both come through your mind. Some people are more loaded down with one than another. Nevertheless, they come through. And you have to be able to sort
Don't forget to swim in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 05-16-2014
The other day, I gave some thought to reducing the length of my posts. I'm learning a lot from bloggers who are incredibly busy but still find the time to blog way more often than I do, like one of my mentors, Seth Godin. Seth blogs every day, and I
Cloud Computing and the Future of Business in Business, Technology - 04-30-2014
According to Wikipedia, Cloud computing, or something being in the cloud, is a colloquial expression used to describe a variety of different types of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time
Challenging our subconscious thought patterns [from east to west] in Life Hacks, Managing Yourself, Personal, Self Development - 04-06-2014
I remember growing up in a very strict, religious environment. We were in church or church related activities at least 4 days in the week and I was part of the choir, learnt how to play the piano, drums and a little here and there on the guitar. I
Small ways to improve your customer service in Customer & Client Experience, Leadership - 03-20-2014
I came across these slides on Slideshare today by Greg Meyer, at the time he was a member of the Salesforce Customer WOW team. Some of the tips raised are really simple and intuitive but make a significant effect on the experience customers have
Gathering Momentum for Success [leveraging small wins] in Leadership, Life Hacks, Managing Yourself - 03-18-2014
Success requires momentum, momentum is gathered by doing the right things and doing them quick enough. Back to our basic physics, momentum is mass by velocity. When you do the right things and do them on time, you gather confidence in your ability
Product + Human in Business, Customer & Client Experience - 03-17-2014
I am fortunate to be part of a fundamental change in the way consumers perceive products and services in the world we are today. Excellence in service has become a requirement, and not an option. Businesses that thrive in today's world are those
How to be a genius at anything [seek to know, yet, seek to see] in Life Hacks, Personal - 02-11-2014
Succinctly, be an opportunist. In today's world, it is very important to be intelligent, hard working and talented. But it is not enough. Intelligence, hard work and talent will get you far, no doubt, but genius is where we want to be. Geniuses
On creating great products [1995 Cringley/Steve Jobs Interview Excerpt] in Innovation, Technology, Web Products - 02-11-2014
CRINGLEY: What's important to you in the development of a product? JOBS: One of the things that really hurt Apple was that after I left, John Scully got a very serious disease. And that disease - I have seen other people get it too - it's the
Smiling [as a competitive advantage] in Business, Customer & Client Experience, Service Design - 02-10-2014
The other day, I was shopping at The Domain in Austin, Texas. I walked into a Fossil store with the intent of looking around and seeing what new styles of wristwatches they had available. I had visited many stores before this one to window shop, and
Solving computing problems in the third world with embedded systems [1] in Africa, Business, Emerging Markets, Technology - 02-09-2014
Here's hoping I jarred you enough with the animated gif of Raspberry Pi's logo above. Today, on my regular waltz through the internet, I stumbled on the fascinating world of embedded systems, origin being Kano's 9 computer kit. They took
On Creating Experiences in Customer & Client Experience, Marketing - 02-01-2014
You need to be perfect in every aspect - in the window, in every square foot of the store. Even ten years ago, it was enough to just create the product and the advertising. Now you need to produce a total environment, a world in which everything
Benefits and Uses of the Jelly Q&A App For Business in Business, Technology, Web Products - 01-29-2014 If you're an app junkie like me, you've probably heard of Jelly. Jelly is a Q&A app like Quora or Yahoo Answers but has three major differentiators- It is only available to smartphone users (although questions
Six tips to improve your customer's technical support experiences in Customer & Client Experience - 01-25-2014
A couple of days ago, I found myself in a dire situation. I needed to reach out to the technical support of a company I had recently bought a plugin for my blog from. Being a nerd myself, and having spent a sizable amount of my very young career
Experience is priceless to innovate, so is imagination [the three laws of prediction] in Innovation, Technology - 01-21-2014
More often these days, I encounter experienced professionals in tech who dismiss an idea as ridiculous or impossible based on what they know about available technology, physics, chemistry, or all of the above. In these situations, I look at myself
Compliance and Confidence [doing things right vs. doing the right things] in Life Hacks, Self Development - 01-19-2014
I remember sitting at a Starbucks recently and overhearing a conversation between some patrons who appeared to be in their mid-30s behind me. They also appeared to have attended the same high school, and were meeting up for a coffee after a while
Avoid living an unfulfilled life [determine what success means to you] in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 01-18-2014
More often than not, I speak to friends and family members about what it takes to rise above the current state of our life and situations, being remarkable and in turn, being successful at the things that matter to us. On many occasions, I find that
Tips to Rising Above [for people who want to be successful] in Life Hacks, Personal, Self Development - 01-18-2014
Here are some tips to rising above, in other words, secrets to success as shared by Will Smith. Have a GREAT time with your life, so much so that you want to share it. You have to love living. Believe that you can achieve greatness. Anyone can
The Curse of the Freelancer [creating a sustainable business] in Business - 01-17-2014
When most people choose to quit their day job and start their own business, they often do so with the hopes and dreams that they will create one that enables them do what they love, and have control over their time, outcome of their work and
Google Chrome's new data compression feature [a resource for web consumers in developing countries] in Africa, Business, Emerging Markets, Innovation, Technology - 01-16-2014
As we speak about access to the internet for innovation and fair benefits through the knowledge economy for people in developing countries, one of the biggest points we raise is how expensive it is to transmit bits of data from one point to another,
Starting a Small Business [here are some key questions to ask yourself] in Business, Innovation, Service Design - 01-16-2014
I am currently going through Seth's course on Skillshare, The New Business Toolbox - Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time [aff link - use it to save on the course] and one of the materials on the course resonated so well with me
Be part of an army of people and resources [use the hookup, be the hookup] in Other, Personal - 01-16-2014
One of the biggest lessons I learnt last year was that your network and the connections you build on your foray through life are important. Some basic principles as far as this is concerned are that- People, on their own journeys through life
To Aspiring Writers and Creators in the Digital Age in Quotes - 01-15-2014
Every single day, I get emails from aspiring writers asking my advice about how to become a writer, and here is the only advice I can give: Don’t make stuff because you want to make money — it will never make you enough money. And don’t make stuff
On Innovation in Innovation, Quotes - 01-12-2014
Serious innovation is tough stuff.  The path is littered with failures.  If you aren’t losing when innovating, you’ll never win big. - Christopher Meyer Quote Credit - Working
To be, is to do in Personal, Quotes - 01-11-2014
"I tell my kids, what is the difference between a hero and a coward? What is the difference between being yellow and being brave? No difference. Only what you do. They both feel the same. They both fear dying and getting hurt. The man who is yellow
The Culture Code, from IDEO in Business, Design Thinking, Innovation, Leadership - 01-10-2014
Being someone who is thrilled by amazing user experience and design thinking, one of the companies I idolize and pay a lot of attention to is the design and innovation consulting firm, IDEO. I wrote about them a while ago and their shopping cart
Attention is our scarcest resource, or not [is it still all about the eyes?] in Customer & Client Experience - 01-09-2014
Every day, a new super smart person learns a tad bit more about how to get your attention and find their way to your wallet. Granted, we've grown past the snake oil days, so they are technically trying to find ways to add value to your life, so that
The problem with Africa [the leadership, or the people] in Africa, Emerging Markets - 01-08-2014
Ubuntu (/uːˈbʊntuː/ oo-buun-too; Zulu/Xhosa pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼú]) is a Nguni Bantu term (literally, "human-ness") roughly translating to "human kindness." It is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally "human-ness," and is
Riding The Bear [on startup growth strategies] in Business - 01-07-2014
As documented by only a few publications, Microsoft's rapid growth and domination of the operating system industry involved a strategy that consisted of three steps. Writing Microsoft BASIC with the sole intent of partnering with the leading
The Myth of Innovation [or Innovators?] in Business, Innovation - 01-05-2014
Today, I had a chance to start reading my copy of Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff (affiliate link). Lewis analyzed the results of surveys he took that attempted to examine the thought and decision making processes exhibited by a few self made
Internet Access in Developing Countries [a different business model] in Business, Emerging Markets, Technology - 01-04-2014
Low and middle income earners in developing countries experience challenges in getting usable internet connections that enable them tap into opportunities available to them through the knowledge economy, and in turn, improve their quality of life. A
On Taking Photos [and painting pictures in business] in Business, Leadership - 01-03-2014
I installed a new app on my phone the other day that takes my closest friend's photos and mine from Facebook and makes them my phone wallpaper for say, 5 minutes. Having this app has instilled a new spirit of gratitude and understanding to me, as I
Parallel Thinking [to avoid poor solutions to real problems] in Business - 01-02-2014
Most of our thinking is structured to be adversarial as a result of the way the world around us works. One person has a thesis, and every other person tests it with criticism. So, when someone presents you with an idea, your natural reaction is to
On Writing More in Personal - 01-01-2014
One of the things that I committed to doing in 2014 is to write more. I find that no matter how busy you get, you create time for the things that matter to you. Documenting my journey through the interest labyrinth is something I decided matters to
About 2014 [Focus and Occupation] in Personal - 12-30-2013
2013 was quite the phenomenal year. It started off pretty wobbly, without any definiteness of purpose per se. In my humble opinion, the year developed a life of its own and created a theme for itself, "Fix Things Fast". Almost every experience I had
Connecting the other 3 billion to the internet in Business, Emerging Markets, Technology - 09-07-2013
The internet has continued to evolve, and is fast becoming a platform on which basic communication and applications, both business related and others, transfer data to achieve their purpose or solve problems. As the world forges forward,
Notes from Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie in Business, Leadership, Quotes - 09-02-2013
On Fear- No matter what happens, win, lose, or draw, never forget that life goes on Don't fear the unknown Everyone makes mistakes Don't worry about what others think Don't fall victim to idea freeze - Where you get overwhelmed by the
For the Love of Free Bandwidth from MaxCDN in Other - 07-08-2013
So, I just got an email from Eric at MaxCDN, the company I use to host static (images, stylesheets, javascript) assets for my numerous Wordpress installations. He is offering me 1 terabyte of free CDN bandwidth for sharing this offer on my blog, so
Lagos - Africa's Own Big Apple [markets emerging] in Business, Emerging Markets - 06-08-2013
For everyone curious about Africa- Lagos, Nigeria specifically. Amidst the fog created by media and high level of risk involved with doing business in a high growth emerging
Fix It Now! [before it becomes bigger] in Business - 06-07-2013
I've been out over the past couple of weeks, alive, but struggling with a major tooth infection that had spread up my bones, sinuses and eyes. I've told this story a few times, but thought I'd share it here as well. About 5 years ago, on a bout
The Deep Dive [insights into IDEO's design and innovation process circa '99] in Design Thinking - 05-13-2013
Over the weekend, I had the opportunity watch these videos from ABC Nightline in 1999. In this episode anchored by Ted Koppel, they redesigned the Shopping Cart as we know it. The aim of this episode was to take a closer look at how IDEO, a design
Effective Interaction Designers Change Organizations in Business, Customer & Client Experience, Design Thinking - 05-12-2013
Insightful video about the role of interaction design in organizations, how it has changed and where it is heading. Worth every minute. As interaction designers, organizations are the context for our work. And
Quotes from my Readings [on thoughts and change] in Quotes - 05-06-2013
Looking through my notes this morning, I found a page I called 'Quotable Quotes' from back in the day when I initially developed an interest in reading books. Below are a few of them that may be relevant to you. About Thinking Thoughts- Find a
Creative Work Environments [breeding grounds for innovation] in Business, Teams - 05-02-2013
Really in technology, it's about the people, getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment and helping to find a way to innovate. - Marissa Mayer It is our first week working from our fun new office at Bigcommerce and I
Satisfaction by Design [keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it irresistibly relevant] in Customer & Client Experience, Service Design - 04-26-2013
Human beings today exist in an environment almost completely structured by design. The spaces in which we live, the ways we move from place to place, the tools we use to accomplish our goals, even the things we eat and drink show the influence of
Everyone is a Leader [or, could be] in Leadership - 04-22-2013
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams Leaders are everywhere in an organization. At the top, the bottom and everywhere in between. Dennis Cheesebrown in this
Building Remote Teams (2) - Hiring in Business, Teams - 04-13-2013
This post covers: Things to do before hiring for your remote team Approach to staffing. Employee or Contractor? Finding the people When it has been decided that building a remote team is a route to thread, the fundamental building block
Building Remote Teams (1) - Leading in Business, Leadership, Teams - 04-07-2013
This post covers: Why you should consider having a remote team Styles of leading a remote team and their pitfalls How the style of leading impacts hiring choices While it is complex to foster vision alignment and teamwork in an office
A Case For Shaping Consumer Experiences in Business, Customer & Client Experience - 03-27-2013
Recently, I developed an interest for consumer experiences. Experiences from the perspective of products or services that are being positioned for public consumption. I wouldn't say this is something I had always been observant of until I
Leading Like A Music Band or Orchestra in Business, Leadership - 03-25-2013
Rhythm in the dictionary sense is defined as movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions. Typically, when I think about rhythm in its most practical sense, I think about dancing, or
A Think Tank For Small Businesses In Nigeria in Business, Emerging Markets, Technology - 03-23-2013
Over time, the dynamics of doing business all over the world has changed drastically. The basics remain the same; buying and selling of goods and services. However, the 21st century has exposed the whole world to better and more effective ways of