About Goke

Hey there! My name is Goke. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, studied in Wichita, Kansas and now live in Austin, Texas. I analyze technology, support web products, and think through future web product concepts for a living. In my free time, you can catch me cooking, reading books, watching tech documentaries, taking photos or playing drums.

Job: Technical Account Manager at DigitalOcean
Occupation: Making a positive impact and being excellent.

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Some random facts about me:

  1. My purpose is to make a positive social impact, doing things that empower the people around me to do more, be happy and reach higher. Watching them do this fulfills me.
  2. I love my friends and my family. I’ve been positioned around some of the best people that have ever existed in our world. I’m grateful for that.
  3. I love technology. If I had a choice of 3 things to remain in life after the zombie apocalypse, it would be one (this doesn’t imply that I believe in the zombie apocalypse – all comments reserved).
  4. I love the arts. Poetry, music, acting, painting, photography and all sorts of other creative skills. I admire and try to keep myself around artistic people who strive to be the very best at whatever is worth their time.
  5. With me, there’s always a solution or a way out. I’ll negotiate with the ‘end’ in a dead-end and then revive the ‘dead’.
  6. I can help figure almost anything out. Give it to me along with some purpose, positivity and caffeine – in that order.
  7. You’ve made it this far? I think you’re awesome. Be positive and exhaust yourself striving to be the best at anything worth your time. Also, always make a remarkable impression.

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